Watch Seth Meyers Emotionally Reflect on the Election Results

As a Brit the whole Late Night TV stuff that dominated American TV is a little foreign to me, and yet I do find myself loving most of the hosts. One of the best such shows that I enjoy is Late Night with Seth Meyers, he’s witty, funny, charming and insightful, which is a tough combination to master so eloquently. It’s been even better since it retooled itself slightly to fill the gap left by Jon Stewart when he retired from The Daily Show.

This meant Seth Meyers has covered the presidential election in quite a bit of depth, and the host has a bit of a history with the Trump. When Meyers hosted the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner he eviscerated the hotel magnate in front of a giant crowd for his flirtation with running for president.

So of course Meyers opened his show last night by breaking down the shocking election results. His monologue is very heartfelt and a quite emotional personal reaction to the result. There’s some jokes to be found in amongst it but for the most part its a sober look at what occurred and what it means for the American people. And his closing line is a brilliant one.


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