New Independence Day 2 posters take us right to the landmarks

20th Century Fox has released a few tongue in cheek posters for their upcoming film Independence Day: Resurgence. They basically tell the story that landmarks are not just places of interest for tourists but also for angry hate filled aliens hell bent on humanities eradication. Basically they

5 things you must do in Fallout 4: Far Harbor

Far Harbor gives you even more territory to explore and inevitably die in, and of course it is covered in quests to half complete and then forget about – although that could just be me to be honest. There are a tonne of surprises and

suicide squad test screening reactions

Test screenings for Suicide Squad are very positive

Batman v Superman has certainly put quite a bit more pressure on Suicide Squad to perform well for DC and Warner Bros. Judging from the reactions of some lucky individuals who got to see a test screening Suicide Squad may well be able to meet

gta 5 copies sold

GTA 5 sells 65 million copies

GTA V has been out for a while now, 3 years to be exact, and yet it seems to keep going from strength to strength. During Take-Two’s latest earnings report the company announced that the game has now sold 65 millions copies, which is five

star trek 2017

Star Trek TV Series Trailer Debuts

Yep that’s right ladies and gentleman what you have just witnessed is the very first teaser trailer that’s been released for the hotly anticipated new generation of Star Trek that will be hitting CBS next year. The trailer gives us a brief tour of the