First Madden 18 trailer confirms a story mode

Madden is finally starting to evolve

FIFA 17’s brand new story mode, The Journey, broke a lot of new ground for sports games with a well honed balance of in-game action and behind-the-scenes player choices, and now it would appear that Madden 18 is following in its footsteps.

The next iteration of the new NFL game recently revealed its cover star was Tom Brady, and now we have its first official teaser trailer, and the quick looks gives us an insight into the possible story mode.

“My father used to say: ‘when the world knocks you down, get back up again.” That’s a great line for the voiceover and gives us a good idea about the sort of tone the storymode will take in Madden 18.

It looks very similar to the dark and brooding moments within Alex Hunter’s FIFA 17 story, which for anyone who played it will tell you was thoroughly enjoyable and gripping.

This is exactly the kind of mode Madden has been missing lately and should allow us to experience a whole new depth of enjoyment in the best Gridiron series out there.

Madden 18 is out for PS4 and Xbox on 25 August.

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