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madden 18

First Madden 18 trailer confirms a story mode

Madden is finally starting to evolve FIFA 17’s brand new story mode, The Journey, broke a lot of new ground for sports games with a well honed balance of in-game action and behind-the-scenes player choices, and now it would appear that Madden 18 is following

uncharted lost legacy

Naughty Dog says More Uncharted after The Lost Legacy is Unlikely

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End did thankfully give us a satisfying conclusion to the epic tale of Nathan Drake, fortune hunter and all-around badass guy, kind of an Indiana Jones but on steroids. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a standalone DLC which focuses on Drake’s former flame, Chloe

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Is Dark Souls Coming to VR?

Fans of the greatly enjoyable but exceedingly frustrated game series Dark Souls can begin to rejoice, maybe. It seems that there may well be plans in place to bring the Dark Souls series to virtual reality sometime in the future. During the pre-show for the 2016

tekken 7

Watch this Awesome Tekken 7 Trailer

Tekken 7’s long-awaited home console release in early 2017 is slowly but surely getting closer, and there is a brand new trailer to get you just that little more pumped for it. Bandai Namco debuted the video at the Golden Joystick Awards 2016, and it shows

Review: Motorsport Manager Excells on the Desktop

DEVELOPER: Playsport Games PUBLISHER: SEGA AVAILABLE ON: Steam We’re on the starting line, my cars engines are revving and my drivers are eager to get their foot down. I’m sat on the edge of my seat desperately hoping for another good result here. I’m just

call of duty stormtrooper

Check out These Incredible Emblem Art From Call of Duty

When you think of Call of Duty you probably think of wall running, grenade spamming, annoying campers, and terribly high pitched twelve year old’s who have done unspeakable things to your mother. What you probably don’t think of is just how creative and artistic some