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star wars 8 bit

This Star Wars: The Last Jedi 8-bit trailer is amazing

When you set out to make a fan film you never believe that you’ll actually catch the eye of your inspiration. Yet John Stratman, content creator for, was lucky, very luck in fact. Not only did Stratman’s creation get seen by Star Wars: The


Eddie Redmayne stars in an emotional pro-Hufflepuff PSA

Poor sad little Hufflepuff, it really is the most underappreciated of the Hogwarts houses. When we were first introduced to the four houses of Hogwarts Hufflepuff was championed for recognising wizards who are “just and loyal” and “true and unafraid of toil.” Yet this poor house

ps4 pro giveaway

Enter Our PS4 Pro Giveaway – Anniversary Giveaway

  To celebrate the first month of Fresh Raven we thought it would be nice to giveaway a PS4 Pro to one lucky reader. This will not only celebrate our first month online but also the release of the new and improved PS4 format. There

SNL presidential debate alec baldwin and kate mckinnon

Alec Baldwin Once Again Wins SNL as Donald Trump

I’ve said this before but I shall say it again. Alec Baldwin is the best impersonator of Donald Trump in the world. His pouting lips, his ridiculous speech, and that hair are all spot on replications of the Republican Nominee. He and Kate McKinnnon (Hilary

wonder woman

Wonder Woman to become UN women’s champion

The United Nations (UN) will be naming the comic book character Wonder Woman as its new Honorary Ambassador for the ‘Empowerment of Woman and Girls.’ Yep i’m not entirely sure how a fictional character is going to be able to fulfill that role either. The

steven ogg gta 5 film

This Fan Made GTA 5 Film Starring Trevor is Amazing

Ok so Corridor Digital is one of the best Youtube channels out there. They make brilliant creative short films that feel professional and slick. This time around though I think they’ve outdone themselves. Their GTA 5 short film is absolutely freaking amazing. Vvirtual reality has

SNL presidential debate alec baldwin and kate mckinnon

Saturday Night Live Hammers Donald Trump in Numerous Sketches

Donald Trump has been a contentious figure across the world, but he’s also been a brilliant gift to comedians. Last night Saturday Night Live once again turned its attention to the Presidential nominee. Last nights show went all out and featured multiple sketches making fun