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star wars 8 bit

This Star Wars: The Last Jedi 8-bit trailer is amazing

When you set out to make a fan film you never believe that you’ll actually catch the eye of your inspiration. Yet John Stratman, content creator for, was lucky, very luck in fact. Not only did Stratman’s creation get seen by Star Wars: The

dunkirk trailer

Check out the Dunkirk trailer

The first trailer for Dunkirk shows off the iconic beach in heart pounding perfection. The Battle of Dunkirk was a pivotal moment for Great Britain during World War 2, hundreds of thousands of Allied troops were stranded on the beaches of France and it took

assassin creed trailer

New Assassin’s Creed Trailer Reveals an Ambitious Adaptation

20th Century Fox has revealed a brand new Assassin’s Creed trailer online and I have to say it looks ambitious as all hell. The film adaptation of the video-game franchise is directed by Justin Kurzel (Macbeth), and stars Michael Fassbender as death row inmate Callum Lynch, who is

the boss baby trailer

The Boss Baby Trailer is Adorably Funny

DreamWorks Animation has just released its first trailer for The Boss Baby, the studios latest animated comedy. The film is directed Tom McGrath, who helmed all three Madagascar movies, and the narrative is from the point of view of a creative 7-year-old who is subjected

new power rangers

New Images Released for Power Rangers

This weekend, Lionsgate revealed its very first teaser trailer (which you can see below) for the its upcoming Power Rangers movie, which will reboot the stale franchise into a major motion picture. This reboot/remake has been in the production stages for many many years. But when