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Numb (2016) Review

Everyone, at some point in there lives will feel a sinking hollowness inside of themselves. That dark pit of dispair threatens to consume you and we try and fill it with that which we have lost. Sometimes we feel we can only do that by

star trek wrath of khan

Top 20 Sci-Fi Films

Before I begin this list of our top 20 science-fiction films i’d just like to raise the issue of Star Wars. Since those films are as much fantasy as they are sci-fi so for that reason they won’t be found in the list below. The

corey hawkins 24

New 24: Legacy Trailer Kicks in the Action

A new trailer for Fox’s upcoming 24 reboot, titled 24: Legacy, gives us a little more focus on the action and a little more background into what we can expect from this reboot. There’s still no hint of Kiefer Sutherland, so it’s still anyone’s guess as to